Z; zee; the last letter of the alphabet.

Kiwi (New Zealand slang). 2013.

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  • Zed — (pronEng|ˈzɛd) is the name of the last letter of the alphabet Z used by the majority of English speaking people outside of the United States (where its name is zee (IPA|/ziː/)). The name zed is derived from the Greek letter zeta, which also… …   Wikipedia

  • Zed — steht für: Lanetro Zed, internationaler Anbieter für Klingeltöne und Mobiltelefon Anwendungen Zed (Band), neuseeländische Pop Rock Band Zed (England), englische Metal Band ZeD, kanadische Fernsehsendung Diese Seite ist eine …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • žeđ — žȇđ (žȇđa) ž <I i/ u> DEFINICIJA 1. a. želja, potreba za tekućinom [ugasiti žeđ napiti se tekućine, namiriti potrebu za tekućinom; žarka žeđ vrlo jaka žeđ] b. retor. nedostatak vlage, potreba za vodom; suša (o zemlji) 2. pren. čežnja za… …   Hrvatski jezični portal

  • ZED-2 — (Zero Energy Deuterium) is the successor to the ZEEP reactor. Designed by AECL for CANDU reactor support, the unit saw first criticality in September 1960. The reactor is still operating at Chalk River where it is used for reactor physics… …   Wikipedia

  • ZED — might mean:*In building, a zero energy development, zero energy design or zero emissions development *In music, ZED, a former sludge/groove metal band from Philadelphia. *The letter Z in the Latin alphabet *The character Zed played by Peter… …   Wikipedia

  • Zed — ed, n. [F., probably through It. zeta, fr. L. zeta. See {Zeta}.] The letter {Z}; called also {zee}, and formerly {izzard}. Zed, thou unnecessary letter! Shak. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • zèd — [zɛd] n. m. ÉTYM. 1908, in Esnault; nom de la lettre Z, initiale de zident, apocope de président, selon Esnault. ❖ ♦ Argot des écoles. Élève (dans une classe supérieure de lycée : taupe ou khâgne) élu par ses camarades pour assurer les relations… …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • žêđ — (žêđa) ž 〈I i/ u〉 1. {{001f}}a. {{001f}}želja, potreba za tekućinom [ugasiti ∼ napiti se tekućine, namiriti potrebu za tekućinom; žarka ∼ vrlo jaka žeđ] b. {{001f}}retor. nedostatak vlage, potreba za vodom; suša (o zemlji) 2. {{001f}}pren. čežnja …   Veliki rječnik hrvatskoga jezika

  • zed — [zed] n BrE zee [zi:] AmE [Date: 1400 1500; : French; Origin: zède, from Greek zeta letter name] a way of writing the letter z that shows how you pronounce it …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • zed — [ zed ] noun count the letter Z in British English, used for showing how it is pronounced …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • zed — /zɛd/ (say zed) noun 1. (a name for the letter Z.) 2. Colloquial a nonentity; cipher. –phrase 3. push up (or stack) zeds, Colloquial to be asleep. {Phrase Origin: from the cartoon representation of sleep as a series of letter Z s. See zzz}… …   Australian English dictionary

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